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Critical Moves for FFL's to Successfully Optimize Firing Range and Retail Operations Through Uncertain Times 

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“The Important Role FFLs Play in Protecting Themselves and Their Communities”

Thomas L. Chittum III

Assistant Director of Field Operations 
Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF)

As part of their Firing Range Operations, Safety and Lead Management Thought Leadership Series for FFLs and firing ranges, MT2 Firing Range Services and FFL Consultants are sponsoring a 1-day Virtual Summit focused on helping firing range owners and retail dealers successfully optimize firing range and retail operations.

Topics covered:

  • Proper lead management of recyclable lead
  • Range construction expansion & design-build considerations
  • Legalities with ATF - inspections and liabilities - how bad is bad when it comes to inspections?
  • Preventing straw purchases & range suicides
  • HR: Hiring/firing during "uncertain times"
  • Legal: What lies ahead for FFLs if there's a Biden / Harris administration, liability pitfalls for range and retail operators, and what legal protections should be in place to protect FFL's from the ATF inspection process and civil lawsuits?
  • The new Form 4473 - Highlights and Updates Explained
  • Firearm Business Insurance: Can you survive a crisis? Vast differences in firearms-related business operations require policies tailored to meet your needs

Your Industry Leading Expert Presenters:

John "JB" Bocker
John "JC" Clark

Founders - FFL Consultants

Presentation Title:
Being Prepared” Means Much More than Just Completing a Checklist – It Requires Time-Sensitive Updates, Professional Support, and Access to Intelligent Guidance for Critical Long-Term Survival"

During this session, you will hear time-sensitive updates and informative discussions involving the recent surge in gun sales, ATF inspection activities and what to prepare for, the new Form 4473, how the current political situation may affect you, and more! JB and JC still classify themselves as “FFL Road Warriors” when it comes to educating and supporting the FFL community and can get you through just about any critical situation.
Don’t miss this very informative session!

James Barthel

CEO - MT2 Firing Range Services

Presentation Title:

Range Construction, Expansion and Design-Build Considerations"

In this presentation, you will understand exactly how to plan your range construction project. There are specific considerations that go into the design and build renovations of an existing range. You must understand how operability and maintenance factor into new range design as well as what environmental and OSHA/ Health and safety considerations go into new modern ranges. Finally, you will learn the advantages of combining design with build on a range project.

Robert Anderson

VP- MT2 Firing Range Services

Presentation Title:

Critical Gun Range Lead Waste Management Requirements"

In this session, we will cover the Lead Management Best Practices and how to comply with US EPA RCRA and State requirements as well as a turnkey range waste generation lifecycle.

You will understand the requirements of a Small Quantity Generator and how to manage your recyclable range lead, and finally, we will cover Hazardous vs Non-Hazardous range wastes and how to properly dispose of them.

Wendy Christie

Owner -Employer ESource

Presentation Title:
"Hot‌ ‌Topics‌ ‌Firearms‌ ‌Industry‌ ‌Employers‌ ‌Need‌ ‌to‌ ‌Know‌ ‌About‌ ‌During‌ ‌Times‌ ‌of‌ ‌Crisis"‌


Employer ESource founder and owner Wendy Christie will outline the many employment issues affecting gun dealers and range operators today as we navigate through the ups and downs of scaling back and restarting your workforce. Wendy also has many years of hands-on experience supporting small and mid-size FFL businesses. 

Discussions will focus on the legalities, best practices, and pitfalls that can make or break the employment process as we deal with unprecedented and unusual circumstances. From the requirements you should have in place for recruiting qualified candidates, conducting lawful background checks, employee handbooks, and drug testing to managing difficult terminations and understanding your responsibilities for protecting your employees during a pandemic, Wendy will cover it all. 

Attend this session if you have any doubts about the employment process you currently have in place at your FFL.

Joseph Kavan

Kutak Rock

Presentation Title:
Open Dialogue Discussing the Effects of the Biden/Harris Administration on the Firearms Industry"

Joe Kavan and Mike Brown from Kutak Rock LLP will deliver time-sensitive updates, opinions, and commentary around the issues that may affect every firearms dealer if and when the Biden administration moves into the White House.

Our FFL community gets shivers whenever a Democratic base takes hold.  Attend this session if you want to know what lies ahead regarding known Federal proposals, future restrictions on AR/MSR platforms, hi-capacity magazines, ammunition sales, the PLCAA, FFls remaining essential through the pandemic, and more

Jeff Hewitt

SVP- Lockton Affinity

Presentation Title:
"Insurance Questions & Risk Mgmt. FFL’s Need to Know and Have In Place During Challenging Times"

Jeff brings more than 25 years of specialized risk and insurance experience to the firearms industry and will share enlightening information, “war stories” of what can go wrong if you’re an FFL and what you should consider now to manage through the unpredictable days and months ahead. For most of us, insurance is a necessary evil that costs a lot of money.

This session will unravel the confusing terms connected with your insurance and provide a good “heads up” to whether you are underinsured, over-insured or perfectly situated. We are excited to present this session as Lockton Affinity is and will remain a staple provider for the firearms industry for years to come.